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The liquid injection system (LIS)

LIS is the first easy to use technology for automated feeding of liquids in shake flasks. LIS consists of three components: a sterile single-use cartridge, the LIS Drive and the LIS Software. Fill the cartridge with any type of liquid, program the LIS Drive manually or wirelessly with the LIS Software and install the cartridge and drive on the flask. LIS will now run your chosen feeding profile and allows you to unlock completely new experimental possibilities in shake flasks.

Key Facts

Compatible with various substances

Sugars (e.g. 50 % glucose), alcohols (e.g. methanol), glycerol, acids, bases and more

Choose from different feeding profiles

Single-shot, multi-shot, constant feeding, exponential feeding and more

Easy to install and use

Fill the cartridge, program the LIS Drive and start feeding your culture

For a broad range of applications

Fed-batch, induction of cultures with IPTG, phage assays, toxicity tests and more

A flexible solution for your bioprocess

For all shakers, shake flask sizes and all typical shaking conditions


Exemplary Applications


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LIS Drive

What is the LIS Drive?

The LIS Drive is a programmable miniature pump that controls when and how much liquid is fed from the LIS cartridge into the flask. You can either program the feeding profile into the LIS Drive manually using the wheel on top of the drive or wirelessly by using the LIS Software.

Do I have to clean the LIS Drive?

No, the LIS Drive and its components are never in touch with the actual liquid. Thus, the LIS Drive can simply be reused after every experiment. Since the LIS Drive contains sensitive electronics, it can not be autoclaved.

Under which shaking conditions can I use LIS?

The following matrix provides an overview on the maximal shaking speeds that can be used at 10 % filling volume of the flask together with LIS. Please note that these speeds are only valid for relatively new clamps and sticky stuff. Please test individually at which speed your flasks can be shaken safely together with LIS.


 Which feeding profiles are available?

Currently the follwoing profiles are available. Please get in touch with us if your desired profile is not listed. We can quickly generate new profiles for you.



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