LIS Drive Firmware Update (564589b)

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Create Date6. April 2018
Last Updated19. April 2018

Here you can download our latest LIS Drive Firmware Update. The latest release is "20180409_git-05baec4_feed_drive_r21". This update includes bug fixes, new features (e.g. a leakage test for your cartridges) and will improves the overall robustness and performance of the LIS drive. For the best user experiecne, please always use the latest firmware version.

To update your LIS drives, follow the following instructions:

  1. Register on our homepage in order to access the download area. For the registration you will need one LIS Drive Serial number, which you can find on the back of your LIS Drive. Once approved, you can now log into the download area.
  2. Download the ZIP Folder "Firmware Update"
  3. Please follow the instructions in the "How-To-FirmwareUpdate-LIS-Drive" file in the ZIP folder.

Should you face any problems while updating the firmware of your drives, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

By downloading the latest LIS Drive Firmware Update, you accept the disclaimer and privacy statement of this website.

By downloading the latest LIS Drive Firmware Update , you accept the aquila biolabs EULA for our  LIS Drive Firmware Update.


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