preview of CGQuant 8.2 software

aquila biolabs releases CGQuant 8.2

Since the 9th of July 2019, the newest CGQuant software release is availabale to customers: CGQuant 8.2. With this release, users will benefit from the following features and functionalities:

  • General stability improvements, especially for running multiple base stations in parallel with a high number of sensor plates
  • Parallel batch experiment generation using the CGQ Experiment Configurator
  • A Stop-All button to end all experiments simultaneously

Minor new features and bug-fixes as well as an updated CGQ user guide complete the release of CGQuant 8.2.

Users should note that CGQuant 8.2 is only compatible with CGQ devices that have been sold after 1st of October 2018. CGQ devices purchased earlier require CGQuant 7.6. 

Please contact for assistance with software updates and in case of questions.