Publications covering our Technologies

Scientists are using our CGQ, CGQ BioR and LIS technology to generate high quality data for publications. Here you can find all available publications covering our products:

Baes, R., Lemmens, L., Mignon, K., Carlier, M., Peeters, E., 2020.

Defining heat shock response for the thermoacidophilic model crenarchaeon Sulfolobus acidocaldarius

Halmschlag, B., Hoffmann, K., Hanke, R., Putri, S.P., Fukusaki, E., Büchs, J., Blank, L.M., 2020.

Comparison of Isomerase and Weimberg Pathway for γ-PGA Production From Xylose by Engineered Bacillus subtilis.


Najjarzadeh, N., Krige A., Pamidi, T. R. K., Johansson, O., Enman, J., Matsakas, L., Rova, U., Christakopoulos, P., 2020.

Numerical modeling and verification of a sonobioreactor and its application on two model microorganisms.

Sass, A.M., De Waele, S., Daled, S., Devreese, B., Deforce, D., Van Nieuwerburgh, F., Coenye, T., 2019.

Small RNA NcS27 co-regulates utilization of carbon sources in Burkholderia cenocepacia J2315.

Wynands, B., Otto, M., Runge, N., Preckel, S., Polen, T., Blank, L.M., Wierckx, N., 2019.

Streamlined Pseudomonas taiwanensis VLB120 chassis strains with improved bioprocess features.

Halmschlag, B., Steurer, X., Putri, S.P., Fukusaki, E., Blank, L.M., 2019.

Tailor-made poly-γ-glutamic acid production.

Hosseinpour Tehrani, H., Tharmasothirajan, A., Track, E., Blank, L.M., Wierckx, N., 2019.

Engineering the morphology and metabolism of pH tolerant Ustilago cynodontis for efficient itaconic acid production.

Tripp, J., Essl, C., Iancu, C.V., Boles, E., Choe, J., Oreb, M., 2017.

Establishing a yeast-based screening system for discovery of human GLUT5 inhibitors and activators.

Wagner, M., Shen, L., Albersmeier, A., van der Kolk, N., Kim, S., Cha, J., Bräsen, C., Kalinowski, J., Siebers, B., Albers, S.-V., 2017.

Sulfolobus acidocaldarius Transports Pentoses via a Carbohydrate Uptake Transporter 2 (CUT2)-Type ABC Transporter and Metabolizes Them through the Aldolase-Independent Weimberg Pathway.

Gottardi, M., Knudsen, J.D., Prado, L., Oreb, M., Branduardi, P., Boles, E., 2017.

De novo biosynthesis of trans-cinnamic acid derivatives in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.