New eppendorf application note highlights value of CGQ and LIS technology

Recently, eppendorf published a new application note with the title “Optimal bioreactor inoculum preparation in shake flasks with automated seed inoculation, conditioning and online monitoring“.

In their publication, eppendorf nicely highlights how our LIS and CGQ technology together with a modern programmable shaker enable optimal automated seed inoculation, conditioning and online monitoring. Our LIS technology remains the first and only technology allowing for automatic feeding of liquids into shake flask cultures. The CGQ technology on the other hand enables scientists to non-invasively follow the growth of their cultures in shake flasks without performing any manual OD measurements.

If you are also intersted in turning “nights and weekends into productive times for the preparation of optimal inocula and for the first time leveraging the early stages of culture expansion to a level of bioprocess monitoring and control that has until today only been accessible in later stage stirred tank bioreactors” then contact us for further information.