New LIS Hardware Release

In 2019, aquila biolabs performed a large customer feedback survey with its current LIS customer base in order to identify areas of improvement.

As a result of this project, aquila biolabs has optimized all LIS hardware components leading to an improved usability and functionality of the system. Please contact our support for upgrade options of your system. The following changes have been implemented:

  • The Octagrab, a new mounting system, replaces the old silver ring used to combine the LIS Drive and Cartridge. Using the Octagrab will significantly speed up the LIS assembly process and improve overall airtightness of the system.
  • Together with the manufacturer we have redesigned the LIS cartridge. Due to a new manufacturing process, we can now fully prevent broken lids and other leakage problems during the experiment. This will improve dosing accuracy and experimental runtime.
  • Our new LIS flasks with a second neck allow for optimal oxygen supply even for cultures with high oxygen demand during fed batch experiments.