New LIS Software Release


aquila biolabs has launched the latest version (1.4) of its LIS software. The LIS software was, in addition to the LIS hardware, optimized based on customer feedback from 2019. Please contact our support for upgrades of your system. Besides some bug fixes, the following new features are included:


  • Matrix function for the efficient creation of many experiments at once

  • Group function to group individual experiments

  • Control of experiments on experiment group level (instead of controlling all experiments individually)

  • Improved Excel export

  • Experiment-History function to monitor “what” happened “when” during the feeding experiment

  • Pump Activity Indicator to monitor if the experiment is leaky or not

  • Firmware-Updates of LIS drives through the LIS coordinator and software

  • Improved Notifications

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Improved stability (no installed java needed, firmware compatibility checked automatically, autosave,…)